10 Reasons to Visit…..Indonesia!

A fascinating archipelago, unique, ancient cultures, prehistoric beasts, great food, real off-the-beaten-track adventure, and a warm people make Indonesia an incredible place to visit.  Here are my top 10 reasons based on my own personal experiences….but I know there are many more places I should visit.  Your suggestions are very welcome!

1. Gunung Bromo

This place, with the mysterious Sand Sea, and the menacingly smoking Mt Semeru, is not of this earth….it’s magical at sunrise.  Ride a horse across the Sand Sea, climb up to admire the sweeping views….this is the stuff of interplanetary dreams.


2. West Timor

Ancient animist beliefs abound in this part of Indonesia.  From the capital, Kupang, find a local who speaks the local dialects, and set off on the adventure of a life time, into the heart of a primitive culture.  An offering of betel nut to the village chiefs should grant you entry, then you will be welcomed in an elaborate ceremony.  No electricity or mobile phones here.  Just traditions, and ancient kings of the villages trying to maintain their way of life.  Superstitions abound here.  Don’t dare pick up your wallet if you drop it!

3.  Scuba Diving

Bunaken island has some of the best diving in the world.  The Red Sea and the Great Barrier reef are nothing compared to this!

4.  Sunrises and Sunsets

I love a good sunset. Sunrises are a little harder to wake up for….but I love them when I make the effort to get up.   Indonesia gives me what I love in spades.

5.  Temples.

From Borobudour to Tanah Lot, Indonesia has lots of interesting temples to explore.


6.  Flores and Kelimetu.

Labuanbajo in Flores is the jumping off point for Komodo and Rinca.  Kelimetu is a short flight away…and has one of the finest volcanic sites I’ve ever seen.  3 lakes in the volcano craters, each with its own legend….magical.

8  Kudeta

Kudeta is the best bar in the world.  Or is it Potato Head?  Nah….I still vote Kudeta. Both offer great music, food, drinks, beautiful people, and amazing sunsets though.

9  Komodo Dragons

These creatures exist on only 3 islands in the world – all in Indonesia.  Rinca is the best one to see them up close.

10  People

The people in Indonesia are friendly.  They are curious of foreigners.  They like to laugh and sing.  They make the place what it is.

Author: Neil

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