Panama Day Four – San Blas Islands

The sun was still reluctant to show itself….but it didn’t detract too much from the overall desert island experience.  After breakfast we headed on the boat to do some snorkeling, though it was difficult due to the choppy water.  We did manage to see some starfish however, and held them under the water.  From here we went to Dogg island, and just off the beach here is a ship wreck that offered fantastic snorkeling opportunities.  We relaxed on the beach drinking beer panama, and walked around it.  At one point a group of local fishermen rode up on a tiny canoe trying to sell crabs, wearing only loin cloths and looking like they belonged to a completely different world – an as yet undiscovered world.  San Blas still very much feels like that.  It is wild, untamed….a rustic version of the Maldives, beautiful, raw, unspoilt.  Day became night, we swam in the sea on our own desert island, we ate a delicious lobster dinner, and we met a British couple who had just arrived and were about as British as you could be, the man carried a big book entitled ‘Birds of Panama.’  We drank and drank and did nothing and yet this was everything to us….this had been a very special and worthwhile experience….I had no idea such places existed in Panama…..but I get the feeling the secret won’t be a secret much longer.

Author: Neil

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