Photographs of the week – Old people of Asia

Old people are like long novels,their lives full of ups and downs, twists and turns, hits, near misses and losses, regrets and things followed through for good or bad. Each line on their face tells a story, like the rings inside a tree trunk. The gleam in the eyes, the mischievous twinkle, though dimmed somewhat, is often still there. Even if the odd marble has been lost (which makes for tremendous entertainment), old people are brilliant….they’ve lived through a lot, seen a lot, experienced a lot….the ones in these photos have experienced a life I can only imagine, largely a life devoid of material possessions, electricity, money, a life of some hardship. Why then, are most of them still welcoming and happy? I often wonder, but, after talking to them, I realise that they actually want for nothing, and they have things that we in the material world desire – trust, love, strong bonds with family, security, freedom, and a genuine interest in other people not fashioned from wanting to better them or compete in any way. They are healthy, happy, hearts full with the land they live in. If only younger people today were more like these older people!

Author: Neil

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