Photographs of the week – Kids

Kids are natural posers in front of the camera. No inhibitions, happy and carefree. They provide a fantastic window into a culture – for it is they that will preserve the traditions and culture for another generation.   A number of kids I’ve met on my travels are unfortunately from broken homes or no homes, begging on the street whilst their mother or begging master waits in dark corners for the profits.  For kids are the easiest to exploit, mold into what will shape their future, broken or made by external forces seen and unseen, physical and emotional, for better or for worse. Others I’ve met are living simple, happy lives in isolated villages, largely shielded from the cruelties and empty promises of the soulless neon of the city. Others are well-to-do, fortunate kids getting a real education, who have no idea quite how lucky they are as they complain of too much homework or strict teachers.  But, for a moment in their lives, regardless of background, they are all equal, free, and that is what some of my pictures here capture – that innocent energy and uncrushed spirit of youth.

Author: Neil

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