East Indonesia Day 15 – Labuanbajo

Woke feeling groggy, unsurprisingly.  The mosques all around blaring out the first call to prayer at 4:30am probably didn’t help.  I managed to book a flight to Ende for the day after tomorrow, and from Ende to Kupang in West Timor the day after that.  The ticket from Labuanbajo to Ende was only 250,000Rp – slightly more expensive than the bus – and Ende to Kupang was 600,000.  I also booked a scuba dive for the next day with Komodo Dive.  I liked the English guy working there – he seemed to be switched on and know his stuff.  It was 850,000Rp for 2 dives, the same as the 2 flights I’d just booked, plus 200,000Rp for the Komodo National Park ticket again, even though we wouldn’t be going to any islands.  Apparantly, tomorrow we can dive at Manta Point,  I’ve never dived with manta rays.   Sounded amazing.

Walked up to Paradise, after walking up past the rickety pier, chatting to some friendly locals.  I saw a cloudy sunset, and was reminded by the staff that I was really drunk last night.  Hate that feeling.  Had dinner at The Lounge, and checked my emails.  A quiet day then, and another one of those ‘I’ll never drink again’ moments.

Author: Neil

3 thoughts on “East Indonesia Day 15 – Labuanbajo

    1. Hi Grace, sorry for the incredibly late reply! I’ve been busy finishing my MA. Yes, I got to see about 7 huge manta rays – it was an incredible experience! The currents are quite strong so you need to hold on to the bottom and just watch them ‘fly’ over you! Well worth it!

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