East Africa Day 25 – Kenya (Nairobi)

Modern Coach bus to Nairobi – 9 hours, but in comfort.  Sat in VIP at the front – Ksh1,600 – well worth it!  Air-conditioned comfort.

Met Shadia at the bus station – she had gone back to Nairobi a day earlier.  I was thankful to meet a friendly face.  It was getting dark and I was in the most dangerous city in Africa after all.  Nairobi reminded me of Jakarta in its chaos.  Two of Shadias university friends were here too.  We went to a supermarket first to buy wine, beer and Redds, a kind of alcoholic pop, then we grabbed a taxi for Ksh1,000 to Shadia’s apartment, just outside Nairobi.  I was taking a chance – I didn’t want a repeat of the Jinja fiasco in Uganda – but I trusted this girl for some reason.  The ride there was one of many a near-miss, and we saw a lot of overturned cars, and a lot of reckless driving.  We reached her apartment, set in a nice leafy complex.  It was small but cosy, simple yet sufficient, and reminded me a little of my apartment in Japan.  One room with a bed at one end, a small sofa and a table with a TV, and a kitchen area.   I dropped my backpack off, and we popped downstairs to see her friends, Nesh and Daniel.  It was a nice evening.  They’re all students.  Back at Shadias, we all waited while Shadia rustled up a simple rice dish with succulent goat meat, which tasted great.  Slept the night, but it was, surprisingly, a cold, chilly evening, and the sound of traffic roaring past on the nearby ‘death highway’ made for a largely sleepless night.  The promise of a guided day out in Nairobi kept my spirits up and my body warm.

Author: Neil

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