Sri Lanka Day 13 – Hikkaduwa – Colombo – Singapore

Woke feeling like shit, predictably.  I had a good breakfast, and a pot of tea, which teasingly brought me round for a bit.  Lulled into a false sense of security, I took a long walk on the beach and had more tea with a local family who invited me into their garden for tea and sweet, home-baked cakes.

I bought some last-minute souvenirs, checked out of my hotel and took a tuk-tuk to the train station, where I waited for an express train to Colombo.   I met a couple of backpackers on the platform, but was in no mood to chat, my hangover combining with the intense heat and no fan to make my mood rather miserable.  The train arrived and there were no seats.  The backpackers were obviously used to such situations, and lay their backpacks down in the middle of train to sit on.  The train journey took about 3 hours, and was entertaining if nothing else.  Every 5 minutes, a man with some hideous disease or deformity would lurch past yelling at people.  Men with snacks would follow, then the tea boys would come.  This was a horrible place and time for have a hangover.

At Fort Station in Colombo, I dropped my big bag at the cloakroom, then got a tuk-tuk to Galle Face hotel, in time for High Tea!  I stuffed myself to bursting point, and drank lots of warm, sweet tea.  I watched part of a wedding that was taking place on the lawn  outside.  The bride and groom rode an elaborately-decorated elephant to the reception area.  Truly exotic.  I sat writing and reading in the colonial-era hotel….an exhilarating, exhausting, enchanting 2 weeks in this magical, beautiful, exotic country. It was time to go home.

Author: Neil

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