Sri Lanka Day 10 Tangalle – Unawatuna

Woke at 7:30, had breakfast, paid my bill, jumped on the back of a motorbike to the bus station, and caught a bullet-hole riddled Colombo-bound bus to Unawatuna.

I hopped off the bus when the driver told me to, and walked for a while down the beach road, until I came to a delightful coffee shop, around, behind and above which was Sunil’s Guesthouse.  For 2,000Rs, I got a great room at the top, with a walk around balcony.  Complete privacy.  I found a local laundrette, dumped my clothes, and took a walk.  Here, the beach is more of a cove – easier for swimming, and it doesn’t stretch for miles, so no long tramps up and down the beach.  It’s also significantly more lively.

I sat down at Rock View restaurant and ordered a Jaffle with a coke.  I think I’m going to like this place.  I wandered the beach, up and down.  Bought a book.  Got chatting to a couple of English girls, Nancy and Catherine.  Catherine had a Sri Lankan boyfriend, Nancy quite possibly hoping to meet one.

In the evening I had a cappucino on the balcony of my room, overlooking the sea.  I showered, changed, and headed downstairs, where I got chatting to an Aussie girl.  She was alone for a week or so while her boyfriend had gone back to Australia.  She was interesting to talk to, and we shared a lot of our stories.  We went for dinner together, had a couple of beers, then onto another bar where I bought a bottle of Gato Negro Chilean white wine, which tasted great.  We shared a love of adventure, drinking, conversation, and sport, and I loosened up and had a good chat.

I walked her back to the hotel, as she was staying in the room below me.  It was midnight – late in this sleepy place – so I went to bed.

Author: Neil

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