Sri Lanka Day 9 – Tangalle

Tamil and Sinhalese New Year.  Woke with an Arak hangover – not pleasant – then had breakfast and a pot of tea which perked me up a wee bit.  Lazed in my hammock writing for a while.  Had a long walk on the beach as far as I could.  After an hour, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I was exhausted.  I turned and walked back – and that was all the activity I did for the day.  I sat on a deckchair in the cafe looking out onto the beach, and read the whole of Devil May Care, the new Sebastian Faulks penned James Bond novel.  All of it.  Not one person passed by in 6 hours.  I had a tomato spaghetti lunch, shark for dinner, and an incredibly incredibly uneventful but wonderfully relaxing day drifted into night – and that was it.  Bliss.

Author: Neil

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