India Day 26 – Delhi

Woke at 10am and had breakfast on the rooftop.  French breakfast washed down with a sugary coffee.  Me

t the Korean at 11:30, and we headed to Cannaught’s Place to do some shopping.  This circular area full of shops is actually quite pleasant, though the touts and the notorious ‘shoe shiners’ and ‘ear cleaners’ still exist.  Went to Cafe Coffee Day, then took an autorickshaw to India Gate.  The driver dropped us on the wrong side originally, and purposefully, so we had to make him drive around to the other side.

Next, we tried to get to Hamayun’s Tomb.  An autorickshaw driver took us to the wrong place, on the other side of town.  Realising we couldn’t trust anybody, we decided to walk, which took almost 2 hours.  when we finally reached the tomb, however, it was worth it.  A beautiful World Heritage monument, red and white coloured structures abound.  Very peaceful and very beautiful.  Satisfied, we got an autorickshaw to New Delhi train station for a rip-off 70Rs.  Walked around and did some more shopping, had a few beers, and went to bed.

Author: Neil

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