India Day 24 – Agra and Taj Mahal

Woke at 5:45am, and made my way to the East Gate.  I had a delicious roadside chai to warm me up, then proceeded inside for a whopping 750Rs entry fee.  I walked through the main archway and saw it before me, looming in the dusk.  The Taj Mahal.  A shiver ran down my spine.  A small crowd had gathered, and were already taking pictures.  I saw Paula sat alone on the steps and joined her – at least I had company and someone to take photos of me now!

We talked and watched the Taj Mahal as the sun rose and it slowly came to life.  It’s the most beautiful, majestic, breath-taking man-made structure I’ve ever seen.  Even more impressive than Angkor Wat and Borubodour.  As I saw it come to life, I realised I was missing a girlfriend to share that special moment with.  Alone, it wasn’t quite as good, and certainly not as romantic.

Paula and I walked around the palace, marvelling at the sheer size of the marble structure.  The sun rose more, bathing the now glistening Taj Mahal in a warm light.  We hung around for over 3 hours.  I probably could have stayed all day.

We had breakfast on a rooftop restaurant, and watched the monkeys causing mischief on people’s houses.  Then, we strolled to Agra Fort, a huge, red-sandstone fort and palace.  Had lunch and few beers in the afternoon sun.  It had been a truly wonderful day.  In the evening we went for dinner, then I went back to my hotel at 10pm, another early start ahead.

Author: Neil

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