India Day 21 – Pushkar and Jaipur

Woke early and strode to the Braham Temple, one of only a few in the whole world.  The usual misfits, scam artists, beggars, and hapless souls of society were there making a tidy profit.  The temple itself was nothing spectacular.  Now disillusioned with Pushkar and all its fake ‘priests’ and scam artists, I checked out of my hotel and hopped on a bus to Aijmer, then from there immediately boarded a bus to Jaipur.

The bus took 4 and a half hours to get to Jaipur, and when I arrived it was still light.  I went to the pre-paid autorickshaw stand, and went to the Hotel Pearl Palace, a lovely, quiet place set away from the main areas, but within walking distance of many attractions.  the room was clean, had hot water, and was 500 Rs a night.

I arranged a tour with my rickshaw driver for the next day, declining his invitation to join him and his mates ‘for a few drinks’ later ( a pre-cursor for a gem scam), and then sat on the roof terrace and enjoyed some vegetable pakora.  Later, I had a thali and a beer, and watched a man playing a local Rajasthan instrument, and his son dancing unenthusiastically in the chilly night air.  I got talking to another lone traveller, Paula from Finland, who was a TV News reporter and anchor in Stockholme.  We clicked instantly, and had a few more beers together.  It was nice to be in good company with a fellow conversationalist who held opinions and thoughts on a number of topics.  Good to have a chat and not be alone for once.  We agreed to meet up the following day.

Author: Neil

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