India Day 20 – Pushkar

Woke and still felt like I was dreaming, though the hallucinations weren’t as bizarre as the night before.  I wondered how I’d be able to ride a camel for a while day.  I ate breakfast and met my camel driver.  The camel, majestically adorned, knelt down gracefully, and I clambered on clumsily.

We began walking through the markets and bought some vegetables before we hit the desert.  The camel driver jumped on the back at this stage, and coerced the camel into life with deft flicks of the bridal.  It was a rather uncomfortable, and ball-crushing ride, and I was glad of the long lunch break.  The driver gathered dung, sticks and stones, and made a fire, then cooked up a simple dahl and chiapati dish.  I read in the shade as the camel happily munched its way through the leaves of the tree it was tied to.  For 3 hours.

Later in the journey we hit a good spot for sunset, a desert plain with a naked tree – not unlike the album cover of U2’s Joshua Tree,  and were serenaded by boys playing a local instrument, a cross between a violin and a guitar, badly.  I returned a bruised man, but it was a good experience.  I had a more subdued evening than the last, thankfully, spending most of the evening reading.

Author: Neil

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