India Day 17 (New Year Day) – Mumbai

Woke at 12 and went on a long walk around all the worthy sights in Colaba and the Fort area.  I took in the Gateway, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the Oval Maiden (where many cricket games were taking place), the grand old colonial Bombay University, the High Court, St. Thomas Cathedral, Victoria Station, Marina Drive, and Chowpatty Beach.  Mumbai’s a great city, exuding an almost peaceful colonial charm not disimilar, in my mind at least, to Havana.  In fact, I often found myself comparing the two, especially the Malecon in Havana to Marina drive, both places offering beautiful sunset views over their respective cities.  The beach was full of colourful saris, families picnicking, hawkers selling corn on the cob and delicious fried local snacks. Mumbai’s the best city I’ve been to so far in India.  Wide, tree-lined streets, colonial architecture everywhere.  There’s always something exotic about seeing palm trees swaying gently in front of magnificent colonial buildings.  The British did a good job here.

In the evening I went to Cafe Montegrad, met Lindsay, and enjoyed several large beers.  Returned to my temporary home at 1am.  A great day.  New Year Resolutions?  Hmmm….pass the DELTA, finish my novel and another writing side-project….and record a CD with my band Lounge Out Loud before we headline the NME stage at Glastonbury in the summer.

Author: Neil

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