India Days 12,13,14,15 – Goa

Nothing incredibly exciting to report, hence putting these days together.  Recovered slowly from the bacterial infection in my stomach, and generally did nothing but laze on the beach, read books and check my emails.  Went to Celenguete onj the 28th, just to see what it was like.  I got a motorbike taxi there, and the ride was magnificent, the sun setting over the fields, rice paddies, and surrounding villages.  Arrived and immediately wanted to go back to Arombol.

A hectic, touristy, polluted hub, Celenguete is the Indian Costa Brava; loud and difficult to love.  This is where all the package tourists fly into, God help them.  I strolled around the noisy and congested streets, and found an English pub.  Very authentic looking.  2 Scousers were the only other people in the bar.  I ordered a 7-up, unable to drink as I was stuffed with antibiotics.  Then, a sunburned couple from the north of England turned up and ordered 2 ‘lager and limes.’  The skinhead nodded to the scousers.  ‘Alright?’  he said, in the friendly, blokeish manner of chaps who are strangers to each other.  None of the Europeans in Arombol talk to you.  Then an older chap, arms covered in tattoos walked in and ordered a pint.  ‘Alright?’  he ventured, and sat opposite me.  We started chatting.  Pete had lived all over the world, been in the army, and was awash with memories and anecdotes told in a broad Yorkshire accent.  It was nice to chat with him, but  I couldn’t stay long as I wanted dinner, and not the fish and chips the bar served.

I went to an Italian restaurant and ordered garlic bread and a lovely tomato and cheese fettucine, washed down with a naughty glass of red wine.  I thought about going to the legendary Tito’s club in Baga, but envisioned another testosterone-fuelled place with no women in sight, so couldn’t be bothered.  Anything outside my comfort zone is dismissed at the moment.  Went to an ATM and got a motorbike taxi back for 400 Rs instead.

Nothing else happened.  It really didn’t.  Ive bever been so ‘alone’, and it felt really nice.  You have a lot of time to think about things.

Author: Neil

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