India Day 10 – Goa

Xmas day.  Woke up feeling absolutely terrible, then vomited with brutal force.  Shitting through the eye of a needle, though a strangely pleasant sensation, is another indication of succumbing to food poisoning.  It was the chicken tikka last night.  And so a day of suffering commenced.  I still managed to drag myself to the beach, and ended up surrounded by beach sellers, to weak to swat them away. I

bought loads of stuff, and got my holiday pedicure.  The hard skin on my big right toe was a nightmare to file down, and it broke one of the files.  They clipped and polished my toenails, but didn’t do as a good a job as the woman in Panglao, Philippines.  Still, I got an answer to a question that’s been bothering me since I arrived.  ‘Where do cows go at night to sleep?’  The answer given to me:  ‘Wherever they like.’  Such is their arrogance.

After the beautiful sunset, I went on the internet, then to bed, feeling weak and ill….no food for 24 hours.  No xmas cards or presents either….possibly the worst xmas ever!

Author: Neil

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