India Day 9 – Goa

Met an old Greek woman over my sugary coffee this morning, who told me that, at 15, she had made the decision to never have children or marry, and has been living on and off in Goa ever since.  Such people are common here, ‘lifers’ – hippies who never leave and opt out of life as most of the West knows it.  Not for them the fast-paced, stress-filled and material world we live in.  The Greek woman certainly seemed happy, and there was a deep content in her eyes, possibly due to the fact that she had done a morning yoga session and was now enjoying a masala chai.  She told me she was heading to the mountains soon to do a 3 month meditation course.  In complete silence, for 3 months.  I’d go mad.

Jake and Emily came into the restaurant, and we arranged to meet later for dinner, which was great for me because dinner alone on xmas eve would have been a miserable affair.  I went to the beach and had a walk around the cliff-face, to the other beach, behind which was a freshwater lake where people were swimming.  I lay down on this beach, leaving only when the sun started setting over the rocks, which made for great photos.  I then went back to the main beach and soaked up the atmosphere of people dancing, doing yoga, playing cricket and football, drinking and having a great time.  I passed a group of hippies, one playing guitar and the other a violin.  I sat down and listened to the lovely sounds as they washed over me like the gentle lapping of the waves over the sand.  At 8pm I met Jake and Emily.  We had a beer, then went to one of the cliff-top restaurants.  I had a chicken tikka masala, easily the worst I’ve ever had.  Something was wrong with the meat, so I didn’t finish it.

After a few more drinks we decided to go to ‘Dreamcatcher’, where Israeli-friendly tunes (i.e. pumping techno music) were blasting out.  We had a few drinks and then the countdown came to xmas.  Nobody looked twice at my travellers ‘clown’ pants I’d bought earlier and was proudly wearing.  We celebrated xmas by having a mixed fruits shisha, which sent us all mildly high, the 3 of us passing the pipe between us like a spliff.  Around 1am, we left to go back to our hotels.  Merry xmas!!

Author: Neil

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