India Day 8 – Goa

Had a whole day to kill, and went to Konara restaurant for a cup of coffee and a delicious fresh bread, butter and jam breakfast.  Walked along the beach in the morning sun, feeling very relaxed.  The Arombol beach to the right ends at some cliffs, though colourful stalls are dotted up a path running up the cliff, leading to beach bungalows and more secluded beaches.  To the left, the white sandy beach was endless.  Beautiful setting.  Indian tourists were roaming around, gawping at the culturally insensitive Europeans in tiny bikinis, many topless, and European men in tiny speedos, some completely naked.  An incredible, and at times horrific scene for the locals, I have no doubt.  After a good stroll up and down the beach to get nice and crisp, I retired to the same restaurant as I’d been in for breakfast, and ordered a delicious mozarella, cheese, tomato and basil salad.

I left after an hour or so, went to a travel agents and booked a flight with Kingfisher Airlines on New Years Eve, so it will be a steamy NYE in Mumbai!!  Also booked a 20 hour train up to Aijmer, from where I’ll be able to get a bus to the highly recommended Pushkar.

In the evening, I ate a delicious tandoori grilled flatfish, then had a beer and went to bed at 10:30pm, exhausted but happy.  Arombol is a nice place indeed.

Author: Neil

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