Vietnam/Cambodia Day 23 – Phnom Penh/Saigon.

Woke at 7am to the sound of construction.  I usually never take the first room a hotel offers.  They always offer their worst first.  Yesterday, I let my guard down.  Bad choice of room.  We quickly stuffed everything into another room, and went back to sleep.  Woke again at 11am, and went to a cafe for a delicious Full English breakfast.  Then we caught the bus to Saigon.  It was good to get out of Cambodia.  I enjoyed parts of it, and get understand it’s appeal.  I just haven’t been able to get the best out of it just yet.

It was night when we arrived in Saigon.  We checked straight into the Spring House Hotel.  Our room was small but well-appointed, with a highly placed TV that made viewing easy on the eye and the neck.  We got showered and changed and then headed out around the main backpacker’s area.  It was buzzing – alive with tales of a thousand journeys, music, food being cooked on the street, and a thousand motorbikes buzzing in all directions like mosquitoes.  We met a few people again who we had previously encountered in our travels.  We ate delicious Italian food in a cheap street restaurant, then headed to the famous Go2 bar to have a drink amongst the throungs of jolly and drunk backpackers.

Author: Neil

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