Vietnam/Cambodia – Day 21 – Siem Reap

Decided to eat huge black spiders, silk worms, and crickets today.  Just for the laugh.  Met Matt at the Red Piano for an Amok fish curry lunch, then went to the market place for desert!

The market was as chaotic, overbearing and colourful as any in Asia, full of pigs heads, women swatting flies off meat, vegetables, durians, fruits, jewellery, and, of course, insects.  A woman presided over baskets of fried grubs, crickets, and black spiders.  A big white bucket of palm sized black spiders, still alive and crawling all over each other hideously, was next to the fryer.  I ordered 3 mixed bags of silkworms and crickets, with one big black spider in each.  Then we found a quieter corner of the market, and devoured our feast, taking hilarious photos on the way.  The fat body of the spider tasted bitter, but the crickets and silkworms weren’t bad.  I half expected the spiders body to burst upon biting, filling my mouth with gooeyness.  Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as I had expected.

In the evening we again dined with Matt in Temple bar restaurant, where a $5 buffet was underway, and traditional Khmer dancing was being performed.  After that, we went for a drink in the Irish bar, then it was back to the hotel, as we had an early start.

Author: Neil

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