Vietnam Day 28 – Saigon

Arrived in Saigon at 6:30am.  Spring House Hotel was full, ao we checked into the Orient Hotel, which was actually nicer, but more expensive at $20.  We slept until 2pm, then had lunch, followed by another delicious Ice Blended Mars Bar drink from Bobby Brewers.  We then walked around the city, and I bought some pictures for the apartment, and an acoustic guitar.  That evening, we went to Good Morning Vietnam for a final dinner of the holiday.  I enjoyed a delicious pizza, and Lindsay had a nice risotto.  Then we hit the casino, again.  This time, for the first time in years, I won money!  $80 in fact!  Unfortunately, my luck hadn’t rubbed off on Lindsay, and she lost $110.  God knows what will become of me when the Sentosa Integrated Casino and Resort opens in Singapore!

Author: Neil

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