Vietnam Day 27 – Mui Ne

Had a delicious seafood fried rice in Wax with more ice-coffee and played pool.  I strolled along the lovely beach in the sun alone, as Lindsay avoids the sun when she can.  I enjoyed it, the beach was littered with shells, and I had a good sing to myself.  Later on we got on the bike and stopped by the Fairy Stream.  We waded through the stream, amazed at the red and white sandy canyon around us, and reached a small and unimpressive waterfall.  We scaled the canyon, and the view was very impressive.

Later, we got on the bike and just road down the straight roads for almost 40 minutes, before turning back.  The rise was peaceful and refreshing, and very enjoyable.  Tonight we hit an Indian restaurant, where again the food was magnificent.  We went to Wax and stayed for hours, drinking and playing pool.  At 1:30am, we got on the bus to Saigon.

Author: Neil

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