Vietnam Day 25 – Saigon

Went to the famous Cu Chi tunnels today.  We were in a largish tour group, but the tour was very informative and interesting, although being forced to sit and watch a video hailing Vietnam’s victory and rubbishing Americans and American foreign policy was a little uneccessary.  We had the opportunity to squeeze ourselves down the tunnels they used in the war – very small and narrow, a claustrophobic’s nightmare!  I also got the chance to fire and M16 assault rifle, which was so loud it deafened me, and so powerful it terrified me.

After this amazing trip we went to the Reunification Palace and walked around alone, avoiding the tour groups.  It was interesting enough for a few floors, and had some interesting photographs in the basement.  Highland Coffee afterwards was interesting too, as was the old market place off LeLoi street, weaving in and out of the colourful stalls.  the KFC dinner was a huge mistake, but it was cheap and left us more money to pursue more exciting activities.

In the evening, we both got dressed in our best clothes.  Lindsay looked immaculate and incredibly beautiful as always, and I was proud to be walking alongside her.  We went to the Foreigner’s Club, the Casino. IOnly holders of a foreign passport are allowed to enter and gamble. I love and hate gambling.  I’ve been on a 7 year losing streak.  Went to the electronic roulette machine.  Well, the betting is done on computer, but a real person spins the wheel.  I had fun, but I lost my $40 stake.  Lindsay tried her hand on an electronic dice game, which was great fun to play.  She lost $60.  We then took a taxi to Level 23 club in the Sheraton Hotel, but found that it closed at midnight.  The doorman helpfully suggested Lush, an underground club that paid off the police to stay open, so a taxi took us there.  We stood outside a seemingly empty street, then a corrugated iron hatch swung open, and a security guard ushured us inside.  Suddenly we were in a beautiful, up-market club with well-dressed people.  This was exactly what we needed – a respite from all the usual backpacker places.  I had a Mojito, Lindsay a Red Margaretha, and we soaked up the cool and elegant atmosphere to the sound of funky electro house…..

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