Vietnam Day 24 – Saigon

Woke at 11am, and we staggered to Good Morning Vietnam, where I enjoyed a wonderful taglietelle, washed down with a lovely glass of of lunchtime red cabernet sauvignon.  Delicious, though it meant the rest of the afternoon was spent in a sleepy alcohol-induced haze.  We hired a couple of old cyclo drivers to take us around the city.  Visited the Jade Pagoda and the War Museum, which was particularly interesting.  Some of the images of the American War (as the call it in Vietnam) were shocking, and the pictures of the effects of Agent Orange on Vietnamese people deeply disturbing.  The museum has a very anti-American feel, and leaves people visiting with similar sentiments, so horrific are the accounts of the war, and the atrocities committed by American soldiers.  History is something only learned about in school.  Unfortunately, the real lessons are never really learned, and history repeats and repeats, albiet in slightly different guises.

We took a stroll around a mall, where I suddenly realised looking in a mirror that I was in dire need of a change of wardrobe, so I bought myself some dapper new threads : a pair of faded light blue jeans and a white shirt that matched well.  It was what the shop dummy was wearning anyway…Went to Uncle Bo Coffee House next, where I enjoyed a unique Ice Blended Mars Bar Drink.  The place had a cinema upstairs for guests, and we decided to watch Transformers, which began at 8:30pm,

The movie was OK, but a little far-fetched, though i still retain a certain fondness for Transformers, having grown up playing with the toys and watching the cartoons.  After the movie, we were both exhausted from our long day, so we had a very early night.

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