Vietnam / Cambodia Day 22 – Phnom Penh

Got the 7:30am Angkor Express bus to Phnom Penh for $7.  It broke down a few times, and stopped at a few tourist traps and ‘Handicapped handicrafts’ shops, so it was considerably less comfortable than Mekong Express.  Arrived in Phnom Penh at 2pm and got a tuk-tuk to the driver’s recommendation:  the Mekong Palace Hotel.  For a mere $15, we got a nice room right in the heart of the bustling riverside action.

We had a quick lunch at the Frog and Parrot, then hot-footed to the Royal Palace. We were followed and harrassed all the way by the tuk-tuks and street urchins, but by now we were used to the desperation, and unaffected by the aggressive sales pitches.  We had a look around the exquisite palace and Silver Pagoda, and took a number of impressive photos.  Then, the heaven’s opened, so we took shelter for a while as the rain ferociously lashed the elegant surroundings.

After this, we strolled through the glistening wet streets towards the FCC.  Luckily, it was Happy hour, and I enjoyed generous glasses of soft, fruity, and deeo red wines with lots of character.  Chicken brochettes completed the wonderful afternoon respite.  Possibly the highlight of my time in Phnom Penh.  Later that evening, we returned to FCC and enjoyed a sumptious woodfire pizza, done to perfection.  We played pool, then returned to the hotel, avoiding the desperate tuk-tuk drivers on the way.

Author: Neil

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