Vietnam Day 14 – Hoi An

I went to the beach and sat alone. The sun was setting. It was beautiful. An ancient woman selling mints came and tried to flog her wares, her worn face smiling under her conical hat. I politely refused, and started humming some melodies softly. The old woman sat and listened silently, gazing around. She must have been 90 years old, her face etched with memories, hardships, good times, and everything else in-between. At one point she brought her knee up to her face and wiped her eyes with her tattered trousers. Tears were dribbling slowly down her face. Perhaps she was thinking about loved ones passed away. About a special moment. I’ll never know. Her face was becoming shadow as the sun melted down, and then she hauled herself up with a sigh and went on her way.That evening I went for dinner alone . A day alone to think, reflect and imagine is good for the soul.

Author: Neil

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