Philippines Day 3

Woke at 7:30, as my first dive was at 8:30.  Four of us were diving, and I buddied up with a German woman called Constina.  The dive site eas very close to shore, with a maximum depth of 25m, so it was an easy first dive back for me after a year out of the water.  My last dive was on Bunaken Island.  the dive at Apo was nice, the corals were beautiful, but visiblilty was poor.  I realized on the 2 dives I took that I’m more of a big-fish diver.  Nudibranches and tiny crabs just don’t rock my boat.  I watched the sunset, even more beautiful than last night’s due to some cloud.  I had a simple fish curry washed down with a San Miguel.

Later in the evening, I walked outside my room and into the bar next door.  The sounds of a guitar and much merryment drew me out.  I got talking to the nice couple i met on today’s dives; they were freindly, and we had a nice chat.  Soon enough, i was drawn to Jonny’s guitar.  He’s been playing songs ranging from Guns+Roses to the Beatles all night.  He had a good voice, and was handy on the guitar.  As you would be living on a tiny island with nothing else to do.  I borrowed his guitar and belted out my speciality:  U2’s One.  An evening of much joviality then began, with Jonny and I swappin the guitar and the tunes back and forth to the appreciative ears of the barstaff.  the highlight of the evening was when everybody sang the song ‘Apo Island’, a beautiful, simple song about the beauty of the island, its people, its sunsets, and its corals.  Somehow, it touched me, and i felt glad to be here and to be witness to these proud, happy, simple people having fun.  To think people grow up having never left Apo.  Such different, simple, stress-free lives they lead.  I was most impressed.

Author: Neil

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